Scuola per Tutti is an open school for civil and democratic education, a space for ciritical thinking, research and the development of projects.

The World Forum for Alternatives
The World Forum for Alternatives is an intellectual network of research centers and activists from the South and the North.

Third World Forum
Founded in 1975 The Third World Forum ist he eldest network for South-North-Cooperation.

The Asian-European-People Forum
is a network across Asia and Europe to open up new venues for dialogue, cooperation and solidarity.

Ruth Tiend@
connects social nets, universities and NGOs for a better understanding of North-South-relations. Ruth Tienda is offering e-publications and downloads for music from Latin America.

The European network for alternative thinking and political dialogue is the European foundation of the European Left Party. Transform! Is organising seminars and cooperation projects all over Europe and is publishing the Transform-Journal, a 6-month’s magazine in four languages.

The Transnational Institute (TNI) for Policy Studies
carries out radical informed analysis on global issues and builds alliances with social movements.

Action Aid
is an international network, acting in 45 countries to end poverty. It’s principles are based on dignity and Human Rights.

Global Justice
is a Belgium based international network of intellectuals and activists for social protection, social commons, basic income strategies and Human Rights.

Fondatione Lelio and Lisli Basso-Issoco
is dedicated to the development of democracy, Law and cultural growth. On the international level Fondazione Basso is well known as the organisation of Permanent People’s Tribunals (PPT).