Conference lecture

A critical view on basic income schemes and unconditional basic income
International conference on basic income 23.10.2021 in Copenhagen, Transform

Environmental movements since 1970
A contribution to the conference “50 Years of Limits to Growth 1972-2022”, Université de l’Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand (F), Dec. 2022


The Commons-Working group of Transform!Europe organised in May and June 2020 a sample of webinars on the political consequences of the pandemic.
I was moderating two of these webinars and you find them here

1) The health system as a common good and the fight against big pharma – with special regard to Europe

Panelists: Nicoletta Dentico, Sangeeta Shashikant, Marisa Matias

2) Commons as Political Project: Commons and Just Transition in our times

Panelists: Judith Dellheim, Hilary Wainwright, Dario Azzellini


The beautiful face of neo-fascism in Italy: Giorgia Meloni
A view from outside on the political situation in Italy in spring 2024

Some Remarks on the History of Peace-Movements
Contribution to the Conference: “Construiere la Prix – Déconstruire et pr´venir la Guerre”
January 2019, Paris

Left Politics and Commons
Contribution to the Seminar of Transform
Denmark March 17 2018, Copenhagen
by Birgit Daiber
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Chapter 5 in th New Urban Common Book
pdf-file for free download

Commoning the Commons
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Motivation for the debate on Commons at the World Social Forum Tunis 2015
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The European left
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Some Memories of the Future
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The Contribution of Women to Peace and Reconciliation
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